Regrets & Boundaries

Last Night was fun.
I remember how I drank all 15 shots of vodka and you giving me company, completing the other 15. With all the liquor filled in our soul, we moved our feet to the dance floor.
Who knew you would have the coolest moves and I would just sway my hips in that flared skirt?
Who knew out of nowhere you will pull me closer?
Maybe the liquor is doing its job.
Oh Yeah!! It is.

Chapter 11: Shakespare is not my cup of coffee


As soon as I feel like everything is in places. Something goes wrong anyway. After filling my tummy with some stuff, I started talking with Annika about our classes and here and there stuffs. She was eating her lunch while I was all done. I was decorating my planner with colorful pens and sticky notes because it makes me feel good and do things in a more proper way. When I turned the pages of my planner and saw Creative Writing Section page which I have marked with a Purple pen I just couldn't believe my eyes then. The Class timing was 1:20 and I turned around to see the clock hanging at my left side, its hands were at 1:30.

Chapter 10: Mirror Lake | Big Snowy Mountains


What can be more exciting than going to hiking with three of your truly American Friends?
At sharp 8:00 am I dressed up, packed my stuff and headed to lobby with Annika. That's where we were meeting Clayton and Kaylee. We bumped into Kaylee's car and made our way to Walmart first to grab some foods so that we could avoid our grumpy hungry version. I am so addicted to Walmart's 'Back to school' stationery items because they have cool Pinterest and Tumblr notebooks/journals, color pens, charms, bookmarks and lots of lots of postcards. Though I was there to grab some foods I can't put my hands off from notebooks and sheets so I immediately grabbed one. I don't know what am I going to write on it. There are 7 notebooks, which are shouting at me to write on them but I don't know what to write. So, after this, we grabbed some cookies, mini coconut donuts, raisins covered in yogurt and banana chips.

Chapter 8 : First Day not so good


Early morning my cell phone buzzed and showed me a snap from Shreeya my weirdest cousin giving me a 'best of luck' thing for the first day.

Chapter 9 : Free Pizzas | Laughing out Loud


Well, the second day of college was pretty good. Psychology and Creative Writing two of my favorite subjects, what else do I want. Dr. De Young my psychology professor was funny, cracking jokes in the middle of the class. And, talking about creative writing I must say the teacher isn't that good. She seems to be a short temper person.