Chapter 15: End of Semester

Date: Last day of semester 11/11/2017

Well, my first semester at UW was full of ups and downs. Even though I have updated only superficial information and outlines in this diary because of my hectic schedule I have learned truckloads of shit. I met some strangers and made them friends. I went through a lot of troubles and problems, where I felt like giving up but then some showed up and dragged my ass to work again.

Chapter 14: Love is a Big word

Date: One of the lazy night in November

"Love is a big word," she said.
She has known me for 6 months now and I see myself in her. I see my insecurities, I see my thoughts rumbling around and I see myself in her.

Sometimes it's the best option

Sometimes it's the best option to let the past haunt you and wrap you around in its wings.
Sometimes it's the best option to stop talking, stare at the ceiling and let the smoke from your cigarette fly and form a halo above your head.

Chapter 13: Major and Minor Issues


Dear Diary,

My exams are all done. Mid-semester exam, not the finals people!! That asshole is still left.
But anyway, exams are over I have nothing to do except to write some of my stuff and plan for my Thanksgiving break with Kaylee.
I am excited!!!!!


I was 9. I am 20 now and I still carry those scars

I was 17 he was 24
I shouted, yelled, dug my nails deep into his skin and begged to stop 
but he didn't
he kept going,
and going
he kept going 
until he ripping my soul, tattoed scars and marks all over my body.
He was my brother's friend.
And the worst part is my brother believed him over me.

Chapter 12: Too busy to even breathe

People back in Nepal complains that I don't call them often. I would just make an excuse that I am stuck up with my assignments, projects, and exams. The reality is I don't miss them. Because I don't even have a single minute to miss them.

10:22 AM